Impact on…

• Project Management & Agile Development

• Job Roles and Responsibilities

• Pre-Production Development

• Production Impact - Responsive Design Techniques and Examples


Project Management & Agile Development

• Daily Meeting and Quick Sprints

• Opportunity to introduce new ways of thinking & working - Design Thinking

• Useful application: Basecamp - https://basecamp.com/
Job Roles and Responsibilities

• Developers, Designers, Editors/Writers/Producers and Project Managers positions are overlapping and collaborating like never before

• Content experts and producers are re-architecting and optimizing their images and their copy. UX specialists are evaluating and properly establishing the various relevant use-cases. Developers are preparing and building code elements that can improve your visitors’ experience by optimizing content and layout for a faster, more seamless product.
Pre-Production Development

• Content Strategy

• Content Architecture

• Hierarchy of content

• Wireframing

• Useful application: Balsamiq - http://balsamiq.com/
Jack Ludden, Head of Web & New Media Development | J Paul Getty Trust